Helene Cixous

“Our glances, our smiles are spent; laughs exude from all our mouths; our blood flows and we extend ourselves without ever reaching an end; we never hold back our thoughts, our signs, our writing; and we’re not afraid of lacking.”

This is a quote from Helene Cixous’ essay “The Laugh of the Medusa”…..if ever you are feeling inadequate as a woman, that in some way you have been outcasted, denegrated or that you are disgusting in an abject sense, I recommend you read this article. Her writing bursts with energy and fury, it seethes and works its way right in to your bones, it uplifts. She is remarkable and all women should know her and aspire to her ideals of what it is to be feminine, what it is to celebrate femininity, what we should hope for in not only our beauty but also our filth.


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