Michael Haneke



The first semester of uni is now behind me and as such I am indulging in some rather serious watching of films. If I enjoy a film I am prone to then watching the complete oeuvre of the person who made it and seeing that I live near a great little video store called Darlo DVD I am being opened to whole new worlds of cinematic brilliance. I have recently done the complete run of Almodovar’s films….Kika is my favourite but Bad Habits and What Have I Done to Deserve This follow closely…as does Speak to Her now that I think about it…if for nothing else than the amazing bolero music that Almodovar uses as a kind of seasoning. But this week my spare time (of which I am now in abundance) has been devoted to Michael Haneke. I had alread seen Cache and The Piano Teacher but decided to watch his trilogy dedicated to ’emotional glaciality’ which includes: Benny’s Video, 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance and The Seventh Continent. I enjoyed 71 Fragments, am haunted by The Seventh Continent and perversely in love with Benny’s Video. I happened to rent the Director’s Suite version and as such was gifted with three great interviews with Haneke, post-film. This man is incredible and vital in his ability to touch on subjects (by which I mean modern subjects) and subtleties in a way that highlights them and pushes them into view. The quotidien, the unnoticed, become resonant and frightening through his lense. There is also something in his work that reminds me of literature….of having read a brilliant novel, of having been presented with something, with a consequence but not its cause. He has the utmost respect for his viewers in that he leaves them with the ability to disentangle and subsequently judge the narratives he proposes. Really, I could go on and on….I think I am in love.


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