Nabokov in Bed


“My bed is more comfortable than my desk. I sleep at night with books and mail and magazines beside me, because my lover is far away. Sometimes I have a whiskey on the rocks sitting on my bed, reading and writing. It sounds depressing, but it isn’t. It’s kind of my center of operations. But I must say, I go to work and go out. Really, I don’t get enough time there. This is not a Brian Wilson lost- years-in-bed situation.


I’ve compiled some songs as a salute to the bed. It’s more than just a place to sleep or horse around. It’s the new Round Table.”

This is something I found rummaging about the net for reference material regarding Nabokov. He is really a very funny man.

Below I have posted a link to his Paris Review Interview which is also striking for its humour. Nabokov never did interviews in the flesh or over the phone. He was meticulous about his word choice to the point that interviewers were required to send him their questions upon which he would amend if necessary before adding his answers and returning them to the interviewer. Control freak perhaps.


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