Art after the Quake

It is true. Devastation, disaster and the loss of all that grounds you in the world can not only result in an upward battle to rebuild but also the creation of art that puts into images all that pain and turn it into something beautiful. That is the place from which some of the greatest works of art and literature have been born from. This is the case with what some Haitian painters have been doing since the earthquake that devastated their country left so many dead and everybody heartbroken.

The link below is to The New Yorker which has a great slide show of some of the art from Haiti post-quake.


One thought on “Art after the Quake

  1. Here in London and in New York a lot of the designers are making t.shirts etc. for the Haiti people relief. Certainly London shows that statues and art become part of the recovery process after disaster, it is unbelievable what has been done over the years. Trying to decided if I can afford a Viviene Westwood Haiti T shirt!!

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