Mos Def and all the things he has to say

There is no denying it, I am a huge, massive, gigantic Mos Def fan. His music is great, his lyrics are true modern-day poetry and, I believe, will stand the test of time and still be listened to, read and found relevant decades to come. What else do I love? I love the spunk of the man, the pure fire in the belly drive to get his ideas out there and when you start looking for him you see that he is in a lot of places….not everywhere….for example he isn’t on MTV all that much or on the mainstream radio….but he is putting stuff out in the places that seem receptive to strong opinions, hustling it out with the biggest minds (?) of our day….like that jerko who I secretly covet, Christopher Hutchens….and Dave Chappelle or Cornel West….now there is some super powered brain might. Anyway I have had some time off work and have thus not gone to bed before four am because of books and podcasts and music downloads and all those other rotten forms of media that rob you of time and productivity. But I did find some great links to interviews with Mos Def. So if you have a moment….check them out.

This one (above) is the first of an eight part interview and it is good, the entire way through, but stick with it because some of the ideas and the topics of conversation are very interesting, whilst not groundbreaking (its nothing that you wouldn’t sit around and talk about yourself) it is inspiring to watch nonetheless and makes you realise how much crap we are subjected to on a daily basis through the media. If only someone like this was someone we heard all the time.

This is a great clip of Dante on the Bill Maher show. And you see the brilliance of Cornel West also.

This one you get Mos, Salman Rushdie and Christopher Hutchens talking nuclear weapons….poor Mos….something doesn’t click, he doesn’t know when to stop and sometimes you shudder, you want to just say stop! That big man Hutchens gonna eat you up…and Salman just watches, kind of embarrassed for him too. But despite this, Mos Def knows his limits and even though he willingly exceeds them at times, power to the person who puts it at stake and isn’t ashamed to speak his mind.

I can’t wait to go and see Mos Def at the Enmore Theatre, the 23rd of this month. I was a dork and paid extra for the ‘Ecstatic Mos Def Experience’ ticket which supposedly gives me access to the ‘VIP’ after party…well whatever…just can’t wait to see some power in action.


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