I had the absolute pleasure of seeing CatPower a.k.a. Charlyne ‘Chan’ Marshall play last night at the Sydney Opera House. The location itself is enough to leave you satisfied, there is something about the inside of that place that gets me everytime. But even more, CatPower was something so deliriously sublime that I am yet to find words for it. She transported me somewhere is the best I can do, so far. Her voice is thick like fog yet so powerful it cuts through straight to your bone, its soothing and calming but at the same time rouses in you pure pain. Her band were also incredible, kudos to the drummer who had me almost as captivated as CatPower did. In the last two weeks I have seen Mos Def, the Mojo Juju’s and the Snakeoil Merchants as well as CatPower. These acts are obviously incomparable in terms of genre and all were incredibly powerful performances that left me more than satisified with the money I spent going to see them. But CatPower was something else. She brought something ethereal and spiritual and other-worldly that is so rare. And her lack of artifice and ego was so evident and at the same time so cute. She is just a natural charmer, could make you fall at her feet and pray with that voice.

Ok. I’ve finished blubbering now.

But before I go, this link is to the clip for Crossbones Style, from her Moon Pix album. This was the first thing I ever saw of her. Must have been about twelve years ago or something now.


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