Who Is Milla Pinch?

She is a young (ish) woman living in country NSW, Australia with her dogs and her beloved. Milla Pinch makes art out of words and pictures, sounds and tastes. The world is filled with incredibles and she just wants to be a part of it all.

If you are interested in contacting Milla Pinch in regards to art, illustration, copywriting, editing or anything that requires a creative mind you can do so by sending enquiries to:


or follow her on twitter @MillaPinch.


2 thoughts on “Who Is Milla Pinch?

  1. I just looooove you and your work darling. I’m so glad you have a blog I can follow and pass on to those in the world who need the milla pinch love… xxx

  2. Hi Camilla, How have you been? Just saying hi. …..Had a pumpkin soup back in winter last year at bakery in Berimma. Then we bumped into you later that day at that cake shop in Bowral. Do you remember?
    Have you been well? I like these koleidoscopes and your drawings are excellent. well done!!!
    All I have to share is my film photos i processed at home. on flickr…”George Roukis Oz”
    I hope you’re well.

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